“I cannot over emphasize enough how much we have loved having him hike with you all the last 6 months.  He loves nothing more than his hiking days and we love nothing more than seeing him out there, knowing that he’s being watched by the two of you. You all have treated Murphy like your own and the peace of mind and trust we have in you all cannot be overstated.

You guys have built an unbelievable business – these dogs have learned countless skills from you all and from being out in the wild, off-leash. Skills they wouldn’t have received otherwise. Your true love for each dog is so apparent by the way each and every dog responds to both of you.  Murphy is more well behaved around you all than us 🙂 I don’t know what he’s going to do without his MF groups and his BFFS Henry and Murph.

Can’t tell you how sad we are for Murphy. He’s never going to forgive us for taking him away from his favorite people, favorite dogs and best trails in Texas. Thank you thank you thank you thank you for all you’ve done for Murphy!!” –Sterling and Brendan



“I’ve hiked and boarded my lil Puggle man, Squirt, with Kristen since 2010 and, cliché as it is for a testimonial, I cannot say enough wonderful things. It’s been a rough road for the pup and me, and Kristen has been one of the few good and consistent things in our life. I went through a getting back on my feet period, during which I sent Squirt to stay with my parents in New Mexico. Though my parents loved and took amazing care of him, he came back to me a size able 6 pounds heavier and with a few behavioral habits I wasn’t fond of. Kristen helped me shave off the excess weight he gained (6 lbs!) and was a world of knowledge in helping rid him of those newly acquired behavioral changes. Every Tuesday and Thursday I leave for work and tell squirt “have fun with Kristen and your friends.” He most definitely knows what I’m saying because he perks right up and suddenly doesn’t seem bothered that I’m leaving.  I love my lil man more than words can say, and Kristen has done more for us than she will probably ever realize!” –Andrea L.



“Nate has been a godsend for us, both with his weekly walks with Bandit, and the overnight stays when we travel.  It is such a relief.  We never worry with Nate in charge. Our dog Bandit is 78 pounds of energy, anxiety and athleticism. He has come such a LONG WAY since Nate started working with him.  He’s a much more enjoyable dog.  I highly recommend Nate!” –Laurie S.


“Kristen was just what our less than confident Border Collie mix needed! We got our sweet Miss Ellie when she was 4 months old from Border Collie Rescue.  When she was younger we could take her to dog parks and she would stay near us but one day she got spooked and she darted back to the parking lot scaring us all! Since that time we did not trust her off leash which was unfortunate because Ellie loves to run FAST!! Much faster than we can run with her!

One day we were at Red Bud with Ellie (on leash of course) and we came across Kristen and her pack of about 8-10 dogs that day. I immediately sensed a calm energy from Kristen and her dogs and Ellie was quite interested as well.  I  asked her if all the dogs were hers?! She told me she was a trainer who also does day care and boarding. I asked her if she could train Ellie to be off leash like the dogs with her?! She said Ellie was taking cues from her dogs and she thought she would fit in great.

I was so excited because we were planning a 3 week vacation soon and we were not excited about boarding her in a kennel so to have Kristen be able to work with her a few times before we left and then for an intensive 3 weeks was amazing. Not only do we see a huge difference in Ellie’s overall balance (more confident and listens better to us) so many friends and neighbors have commented on how calm she is now. We are so happy to have met Kristen so our sweet Miss Ellie can enjoy her doggy life to the fullest. It is so fun to be able to run with her on a hiking trail… Off leash! She is one fast dog!!! Thanks to Kristen and team for teaching us how to be a better leader as well!!! You have changed our lives and we are so very grateful!” –Lisa and family


“I am so thankful to have been referred to Kristen and Nate by a friend of mine.  They provide the absolute best care for my pug, Cody.  They take him on adventure outings and send me pictures so I can see what my little man is up to while I am away.  My work keeps me pretty busy, and it’s always nice to know I can count on Kristen and Nate to watch Cody whenever I need to travel.  I trust them completely and so does Cody.  He even stayed with them for 3 months straight when my job got really insane!  He was perfectly cared for and loved just as if he were their own dog.  They also recommended Cody switch to a raw diet which we did and have seen amazing changes with his energy level, overall disposition and health.  His hair is softer and he seems to not need baths as often.  Kristen and Nate speak dog better than anyone I know.  They are the best of the best and Cody and I are so blessed to know them.” –Todd L.



“I wholeheartedly recommend Nate.  Nate has changed our lives.  I can travel and have total confidence that he will care for my beloved ‘Lu’ as if she were his own.  He has a wonderful energy with animals and is very creative in addressing your needs.  He is professional, reliable and it is clear he loves his work and the animals adore him.” –Susan S.

max and harley

“I have two male pugs: Max and Harley. Like most pug owners, I absolutely adore my babies. Many people I know often poke fun at how “ridiculous” I am with my pups. Up until this year, my dad is the ONLY person who has cared for our pugs aside from us. I was referred to Kristen  from a fellow pug owner and knew she was very involved with dog rescue here in Austin. I specifically remember emailing Kristen for advice on a diet related question and was so touched that she not only responded with advice but sent a very informative email about the subject. I could tell by how she cares for her dogs, that she was a true dog lover. She is quick to reply to any call or text and gives me complete peace of mind knowing that not only are they in great care and safe, but they are also having fun playing with the other pooches! I am so thankful for connecting with Kristen, not only will I rely on her to watch the boys when we travel, but when I feel they need a fun day of interaction with other dogs or a field trip to the dog park. I would refer anyone looking for excellent dog care to her.” –Lisa J.



“Nate is a surrogate parent for our dogs and we never have to worry about them when we are out of town.  Winston dose not let men near him most of the time, but from day one Nate has been patient and won Winston over with ease.  He is conscientious, dependable and committed to providing an excellent service while improving the sociability and day of the dogs–a win for everyone!” — Blythe M.

“I can’t recommend this company highly enough. We got a rescue puppy earlier this year and Kristen makes his week with their long hikes/swimming adventures. It’s so great having a wonderful doggy caretaker– it takes the stress out of going out of town. Also, since enrolling in doggy daycare our puppy has become much more obedient and less timid around other dogs and people. They are fantastic. We recommend Kristen to every pet parent we know!” –Katie C.



“Kristen has helped me tremendously with my very sweet, but very large and active German Shepherd, Shalako. She’s been taking her out for hikes for the past few years and it has made such a difference in Shalako’s life. Now she has doggy friends that she gets to see and “shepherd” each week on trail.  She comes back calm, attentive and worn out! These outings give my working girl something to do while I am gone for the day. Kristen also helped me realize the dog food I was feeding to my girl wasn’t as good as I thought. We were able to make some adjustments and switch to a raw diet that is made locally and specifically for dogs. We saw an immediate difference in her coat, breath and odor.  She just seems so much happier and healthier. We love our girl and Kristen has been instrumental in getting us on the right track with her physical and mental activities as well as her diet. We can’t thank her enough!!!” –Madeline M.


“Ziba, our 3 and half year old terrier mix has been with Kristen’s group for over two years participating in day care and boarding.  We couldn’t imagine any other walker taking care of Ziba because we know Kristen has a genuine interest and care for her and her doggy development.  We have seen an enormous transformation in Ziba since Kristen has been working with her.  Ziba is more comfortable around strangers and other dogs and is a much more balanced and obedient dog at home.  And who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?? Well, Miss Kristen did!  Even though Ziba won’t do it for us, she now knows how to play “dead” AND “revive!”.

Kristen has a wealth of knowledge about dog diet, dog behavior, and dog training. She not only shares her own experiences and suggestions, she follows up on how progress is coming along.  Everyone we tell about Ziba’s day care/boarding always reply  “Wow, your dog has a great life.”  or “Some humans don’t even have it that good.”  and we couldn’t agree more.  We feel at ease when Ziba is with Kristen because we know she is in the best hands possible.  Our motto at home is “a tired dog is a happy dog” and Ziba’s time with Kristen does that and more!  Thank you for all of your hard work and loving Ziba like she was your own dog.” –Emily C. and Kaveh A.

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