Welcome to The Art of Dogs!  We are a small and exclusive dog care company providing hiking adventures, boarding, training and nutritional help for a select group of Austin’s finest pups since 2009.  Our methods are holistic, evolved and simple resulting in calm, confident, balanced and most of all happy dogs.  The Art of Dogs is dedicated to discovering the individual personality of your dog and creating a long lasting relationship built on trust, love and respect.  We believe that working with dogs is an art, not always a science.

2 Responses to home

  1. bill says:

    what an awesome picture!

  2. Lisa Embree says:

    Kristen & Nate are the best pack leaders EVER! Just the mention of Kristen’s name sends Ellie into a total JOYFUL state! Thanks for all you both do to make sure our #borderwhippet stays in balance! xoxo

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