At the The Art of Dogs, we feel that man’s best friend seeks more from life than newspaper retrieval, obeying robotic commands, and playing fetch. They are wise, instinctual, and ever vigilant in their quest to live deep inside every moment. We, as people, can learn from them.

IMG_9816 IMG_4913

We are about trust and balance, not dominance. We create a dynamic of emotional understanding with a return of loyalty and love. Our evolved approach focuses on building a natural relationship with each dog in the group.

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This natural relationship encourages playfulness, confidence, and higher awareness of their surroundings.  The trail continuously creates different scenarios that prompt your dog to learn, grow, overcome and evolve.  We are there to safely guide them through these challenges and teachable moments.  Time on trail and in nature empowers our canine friends to be better, calmer versions of themselves.

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Our philosophy and methods are derived from working with our own dogs as well as hundreds of other dogs in rescue and training settings. After working with so many dogs from varied backgrounds and circumstances, we were inspired to develop a system that focuses less on creating dogs who only work for treats and more on a deeper connection built on trust, respect and love for one another.

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