hiking adventures

0F72EC29-FCCA-474E-8BA1-6BA45905BACB  IMG_6258


The Art of Dogs uses a simple yet non traditional form of daycare–we hike!  This is a chance for your pup to get out in nature with a group of dogs and really be a dog.  A chance to run, sniff, play, dig, swim, chase, and meet new dogs.  We are there to guide and encourage them throughout the hike.  All the stimulation from these trail adventures helps to balance their mind, body and spirit, leaving you with a very calm and happy dog. Each day we hit the local trails for a few hours to get our hike on and learn a few things along the way.  Contact us for rates.


IMG_6112 IMG_7674 IMG_6088

Boarding with The Art of Dogs is a luxury experience!  Our home is nestled inside 20 acres of beautiful Texas Live oak groves just outside of Austin. Boarding is in our home, crate free and exclusive to current clients. Contact us for rates.

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